Luc Robène et Solveig Serre — Pori, University Consortium of Pori

Music festival and urban identity

The international symposium will offer a variety of perspectives on urban studies and popular culture research. For example music festivals have become quite a significant factor in determining urban identities, and for the reason we also encourage contributions on 50-year old Pori Jazz Festival.

This symposium will offer two keynote lectures. Professor Justin O’Connor (Monash University, Australia) is an expert of urban popular culture and cultural industries. He will be talking about the popular cultural heritage of the city of Manchester. Dr Kimi Kärki (University of Turku, Finland) has researched the cultural history of rock spectacles and other media events. His keynote address will focus on rock spectacles as containers of history culture.


septembre 2016


Luc Robène et Solveig Serre — The Barbarians are coming to town: Mont-de-Marsan and the first word's punk festival