Porto, University of Porto

KISMIF International Conference 2015

Keeping the focus on underground music and its creative possibilities for resistance and DIY, we extend the analysis of music scenes to consider the intersection and debate with other cultural, artistic and creative fields (cinema and video; graffiti and street art; theater and performance art; literature and poetry; radio; graphic design, illustration, cartoon and comics; etc.). Thus, exploiting the potential of the theoretical and analytical development of the intersection of music scenes, we intend to enrich their relevance in the development of social theory, but also in the interpretation of late modernity in times of contemporary societal and cultural crisis. The relation and enlargement of the arts to social, cultural and political spheres seems to us a very fruitful research platform and also offers the possibility for the consolidation of an emerging knowledge domain that responds to the challenges and social changes created by new technologies, and also reconfigurations of identity, gender, lifestyle, spatiality, social class, age, and ethnicity as these map onto the networks, flows, art worlds, musical and artistic fields, and underground music scenes that are main focus of the conference


juillet 2015

Book of abstracts

Luc Robène et Solveig Serre — The punk scene in France (1976-2016): Identities and specificities

Luc Robène et Solveig Serre — Together and face to face: New Model Army and its audience